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BirbSwap Update 🥳 🎉

The team has made all of the recommended changes to the smart contracts requested by the auditors (redeployment). We are now just waiting on the auditors to confirm the changes.

We however have decided to start the countdown for BirbSwap by Saturday 7:00 PM (UTC), due…

Weekly Community Update #10

Birb NFT Marketplace (Sneak Peek of more NFTs) 🥳🎉

We are having great progress on the upcoming NFT Marketplace. The front-end aspect of the marketplace is almost finalized. The developers will then finish the rest of the smart contract development.

After all the artwork is done we can release the…

BirbSwap Audit Updates

There is a total of 8 contracts for BirbSwap. This includes the updated referral rewards contract and many more.

We had gotten a quote from Hacken that was affordable. After their team reviewed again this quote is now $27,000 (wait 2 weeks to book). In the beginning, we were told…

Birb will have over over 1000 unique Birb NFTs

Birb NFT Marketplace (Sneak Peek of NFTs) 🥳🎉

We are proud to announce that the NFT Marketplace is having great progress. The devs continue making upgrades to the frontend. They are also working on smart contract development. Once this is completed users will be able to Mint NFTs using $BIRB…

BirbSwap Development Update

The Birb team is proud to say that BirbSwap is coming along nicely and the developers are on schedule to finalize the final contracts. However, our team decided not to launch BirbSwap until all contracts are fully audited. The developers are making final changes to the smart contracts and will…

The Birb team is proud to announce that the Official OpenCart and PrestaShop payment plugins are completed and ready to download and use. We now have THREE Birb payment plugins and this is only the beginning. Magento2, BigCommerce, WHMCS, Shopify and more are coming. Our goal is to have a…

1.) Birb NFT Marketplace (Sneak Peek of NFTs) 🥳🎉
The NFT Marketplace is having excellent progress. The devs continue working on the front and back end, including smart contract development. Soon users will be able to Mint NFTs using $BIRB tokens. Users can then bid or buy directly. …

Birb Weekly Update #7

1.) Birb NFT Marketplace (Sneak Peek) 🥳🎉
We wanted to show you a sneak peek of our upcoming Birb NFT Marketplace. The front-end, backend, and smart contract development are also going great. You will be able to MINT NFTs using BIRB tokens. Users can create their marketplace to sell their NFT…

1.) We are excited to announce that Birb is now an Official Company based in Texas, United States (BIRB LLC) 🦜. We had a small filing issue with the previous LLC documentation. Our new LLC is now ready and verifiable online!

1.) BirbSwap Update: — BirbSwap is focused on low fees, excellent rewards, integrated lottery, and a referral system (A referral system is important for YouTubers, Influencers and any marketers). Our devs are working hard to deliver soon. It is scheduled to be released this month for sure. …


Birb, a Fun Digital Currency for all Ages.

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